Go further, faster, and still enjoy the ride.

An electric bike is a great alternative to both a peddle bike and a vehicle. You can feel the wind in your hair and get out for fresh air, without having to dread the big hills. Reduce the hassle of your morning commute and the struggle for parking while still getting to work quickly. Never worry about missing the bus again.

Our bikes are beautifully balanced, with the battery in front of the rear wheel to give a lower centre of gravity.  With a top speed of 25-30km/hour with a range of 40-50km, Electric Bicycles are great for weekend cruises and morning commutes. With great financing options available, anyone can afford an Electric Bicycle.


Why Electric?

  • Efficient. Ranges 40-50km on one charge.
  • Affordable. Financing available. 12 months interest free.
  • Practical. A great way to avoid traffic on the way to work.
  • Health and fitness. Get out of the house and keep up with the kids.
  • Eco-friendly. All electric, zero emissions.
  • Fun. A great way to get out and explore.
  • Reliable. Robust and high quality backed by a 12 month warranty.
  • Own your own electric bike for less than $23/week

Financing Available

On a finance plan, owning your own electric bikes is cheaper than buying a coffee every day. It’s also more affordable than bus fares, parking fees, and petrol. For less than $23/week you can own your own Electric Bicycle. We offer 12 months interest free. Ride away today!


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What our riders have to say

I didn’t appreciate how awesome these bicycle are until you get on one. They are very fun, with plenty of power.
Thomas Johnson, 43 years of age, Auckland